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Meet The Author

Rashad Abdul-Rahmaan began formal studies under the late Imam W. Deen Mohammed in the areas of Quranic Arabic, Tafsir and Comparative Religions. He continued his studies in Philosophy and Comparative Religion in Undergrad and Islamic Studies at Madina Institute and several other local Islamic schools. 

From 2009-2015 he served as the Assistant Imam and Assistant Director of Education at CMS at Masjid Sultan Mohammed (Milwaukee, WI). From 2018-2019 he served as the Assistant Director of Education at Mohammed Schools of Atlanta (Atlanta, GA). 

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The Foundation Of Al-Islam

"Throughout Muslim history, there have been many brilliant intellects, men and women of piety and devotion, that have opened the way for us to come into the possession of a much richer grasp of the essence of our faith. In doing so, they have inherited the work of the prophets of G-d, especially the Seal of the Prophets, Mohammed (peace be upon them all), and continued the sacred struggle of liberating the human family from the oppressive yokes of ignorance, corruption, and every other impediment to true human progress. The fruits of their struggle then, was and is nothing less than the restoration back to humanity of its true inheritance: a life of dignity, justice, freedom, and peace that we were created to enjoy under our Lord."

The Message Of Al-Islam

"Whatever man is and whatever he may become is due to the fact that the possibility for that becoming was present in his original creation."

Description: The Message of Al-Islam is an introductory essay on the essential ideas of the Muslim faith. Focusing on the subjects of G-d, the universe, and man, this book offers a concise analysis of each topic in a manner that serves to introduce Islam to any person interested in its fundamental ideals, while also laying the groundwork for further studies.

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On Prophets And Prophetic Types

As models of the excellence in man according to the divine plan

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