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On Prophets and
Prophetic Types

The Prophets, as understood in the Abrahamic faith traditions, are not only known as the special servants of G-d, chosen to bring mankind from darkness into light, but also, they serve as models for human life in both its individual and community expressions. In this introductory essay, we explore some of the ramifications derived from knowing them from this perspective.

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The Message of Al-Islam

"Whatever man is and whatever he may become is due to the fact that the possibility for that becoming was present in his original creation."

The Message of Al-Islam is an introductory essay on the essential ideas of the Muslim faith. Focusing on the subjects of G-d, the universe, and man, this book offers a concise analysis of each topic in a manner that serves to introduce Islam to any person interested in its fundamental ideals, while also laying the groundwork for further studies.

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   The Foundations of Al-Islam

The Foundations of Al-Islam is a seminal articulation of Muslim-American scholarship. The author, Rashad Abdul-Rahmaan, engages in a study of the five fundamental pillars of Islam with the aim of highlighting their philosophical significance, particularly in relation to the value of human life and the establishment of human community in the Plan of G-d. The aim of this work is to facilitate an understanding of the religion, Al-Islam, according to its universal message as well as lay out a basis for further scholarly study of the sciences of the Deen.

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